Tuesday, December 15, 2009

what english sounds like to the non-english speaker

So here it is. I think it is rather telling that in a lot of pop songs (and arts songs for that matter) I understand about as many words as I do in this.
is it the lack of diction? is it the distracting hip thrusts or wild hair tosses? I think I'd like to be distracted by some hip thrusts in a Copland song. Wouldn't that be something!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

other things you can do with bikes... who knew!

Bikes bikes bikes
I've been thinking a lot about bikes. My Rocky Mountain hangs languishing in the funny room and I feel like I have betrayed it by buying a new fancy bike (the Radish) and by checking out new single bikes. Am I cheating on it? If I had taken good care of it I wouldn't be lusting after new wheels...

Had I known about these possibilities with bikes when I was a little girl would C and I have become tandem bike trick athletes instead of stand partners in orchestra? (We never were stand partners in orchestra come to think of it...hmmm)